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Smile Bright With Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, or bleaching, is a non-invasive and simple dental procedure used to change the colour of your natural teeth. Having whiter teeth is the number one aesthetic concern for patients we see. There are two popular methods: an in-office whitening for same day treatment and an at-home whitening kit. Our in-office treatment is generally completed in an hour and a half.

The process only works on natural enamel and restorations (fillings, crowns, etc.) may need to be replaced for a natural looking smile. Tooth whitening is not permanent and touch-ups may need to be completed every several years. Please note that smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, or other types of drinks can stain your teeth during the whitening process.

You may experience sensitivity during treatment that will subside shortly once finished. Your dentist will provide you with all care instructions. If you are interested in having your teeth whitened, contact us to book your appointment.

Safety Concerns for H²O² Bleaching Products

H²O² is restricted to the oral cavity and does not reach levels that may induce systemic toxicity. This makes safety concerns no longer a primary issue and worry.

Some adverse effects of bleach products may include tissue burns, tooth sensitivity, gingival irritation, enamel changes, effects on dentin surfaces, and restoration damage.

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