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COVID-19 Policy Update


  • Walk-ins are allowed in the clinic.
  • A COVID-19 prescreening will be conducted 3 days before and on the date of appointment.
  • Patients are asked to sanitize their hands before and after their treatment.
  • Please arrive with a face covering on. If you do not have one, we will provide one for you. Face covering must be worn upon entry and exit to the front desk.
  • PPE worn by all clinicians.
  • Use of High Volume Evacuators (HVE).
  • Toys and magazines are not available.
  • Patients must come alone. Prior arrangements can be made for minors, elderly patients or persons with disabilities. Individuals accompanying a patient will be required to go through our pre-screening procedure, as well.
  • The reception area is frequently cleaned and sanitized. Waiting chairs, debit machines and pens are sanitized after every use.
  • Personal items must be placed in a bin available in each room. Please refrain from touching your cellphone after hand sanitizing. Bins are sanitized after each use.


  • We will continue to base our treatment fees as suggested in the BC Fee Guide.
  • Due to increased workload for our front staff, we are no longer accepting payments directly from insurance companies on behalf of our patients. Please follow this link for details.
  • We may only accept credit card and debit payment. Alternatively, you may have your credit card information stored in a secured, tokenized vault for a touchless transaction.


Coast Dental Centre Team

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