Dr. Ron Melnyk


        Dr. Ron Melnyk graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1979. He practiced for seven years in Midland, Ontario after which he relocated to Vancouver. He recalls this as a significant memory for his family as it was the summer of Expo '86. In November that year he began working at Coast Dental Centre, and by March 1987, he had purchased the practice.

        Dr. Melnyk has always focused on having a family practice and staying on the leading edge of technological advances in dentistry. Coast Dental Centre was one of the first offices in Canada to become truly “paperless”. The practice has also remained current with advances in laser-assisted dentistry, digital radiography, and most recently Itero digital impressions for crowns and bridges and Periowave to treat and maintain many gum diseases that would otherwise need more costly treatment with a specialist.

        Dr. Melnyk has continued his education and development as a professional dentist in temporomandibular joint disfunction(TMJ) and orthodontics. He has offered full orthodontic treatment to his patients since 1987, and has completed over 1500 cases. He continues to attend F.O.R.C.E. study group sessions to maintain and advance his knowledge in orthodontics. Cosmetic dentistry is also a major interest for Dr. Melnyk, and he has taken measures to stay current in advances to material and technique. For all intents and purposes, Coast Dental is "metal-free," no longer using amalgam fillings and making crowns and bridges without the use of metal. He is also very competent in root canal therapy, having completed over 10,000 cases in his long career. Employing the latest in rotary technology for root canal treatment, the result is more predictable and faster than previously applied technology.

He looks forward to serving your dental needs.

You are able to see Dr. Melnyk at Coast Dental on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.